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Teens and beauty standards


“The 21st century is the ignorant of beauty standards”. If you were a young adult before you would know or feel what it is like to be insecure. The pressure of trying to fit in or someone would make fun of how you look, and it would affect you physically or mentally. Therefore you start putting yourself down and hating yourself. 

According to a survey in the UK, by Be Real Found, about 79% of 11 to 16 year-olds said looks are important to them. And 52% said they worry about how often they look. The beauty standards have always stuck around, but when you take it to an extreme that can be overwhelming. Things like culture, friends, family, society, and social media, can play a large role in influencing a teen, therefore it affects their self esteem and mental health.

The standards have always affected young adults but especially for girls. The stereotype of a girl having a slim perfect body. In order for them to have the so-called perfect body, they would go on a strict diet, not eat for a few days, and would vomit food out. Therefore this causes their mood to change, they can’t focus on work or school, and this can deteriorate their mental health. 

In the opinion of Mari. F, a friend of mine, and her sister Nina. F, said “The harsh part is that people think it’s so easy to lose weight, but it’s not. People eat because they’re stressed from work, school, or home life. I’m not saying it’s bad to lose weight, because it can help with health. The harsh thing about beauty standards is that people don’t realize it’s already hard enough to live in this world.” 

Social media has taken a major part in a teens life. As a result many follow influencers and celebrities that have the image where they look perfect online. Thus, behind that camera the amount of used filters, photoshopped, and digital editing is used to make them look perfect. This creates a fake unbelievable image for teens, since they think that person of influence is perfect. Where they don’t have any imperfections like pores, black heads, and acne. Undoubtedly, this influences teens to think they need to become as perfect as these influencers and celebrities.       

Young adults mental health should be important, therefore due to the high standards, the pressure of looking perfect ultimately leads to mental health problems like, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. Teenage girls often suffer from eating disorders like Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia. According to AACAP, (Eating Disorder In Teens), in the U.S. 10 in 100 women suffer from eating disorders.  

Some ways to change that thought of unrealistic beauty standards is to unfollow people who create that fake image, learn how to love or accept yourself, set yourself a positive message, and get help. At the end of the day “skin has texture and there is absolutely no way someone can be perfection.”  

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