Making invisible disabilities visible


Lillie Gruber Hjort

Gatwick Airport designed the Sunflower Lanyard in 2016 for people to identify they have a hidden disability and could need extra time and assistance getting around the airport. 

The purpose of the Sunflower Lanyard is to have easier access to help in public spaces. Globally 1 in 7 of us lives with a disability. Some disabilities are visible but the ones with non-visible disabilities such as diabetes, epilepsy, chronic fatigue, dementia, heart conditions, mental health conditions, etc. are able to get the help they need regardless of their disability. 

Why is it important to North High students? 

It is important to students because it is a resource for them to get the extra help they may need and get involved in the community. 

Where to get one? 

The company Hidden Disabilities is working with businesses and airports around the world to make Sunflower Lanyards easy to access. You can find where to get a lanyard near you on their website or you can buy one online. click here   

The website also tells you about Sunflower Lanyard-friendly places that are local to you such as fitting rooms, accessible parking spaces, assistant dog places, companion/career access, braille accessible, safe/quiet places, physical guided tours, and many more. local places  


Hidden Disabilities-Sunflower Video 

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