TikTok ban debate


Oanh My Ngo, Journalism Student

TikTok is a social media entertainment app like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat but it is one of the largest social media platforms used daily from all over the world, the app Tiktok spiked when Covid first started in 2021 and there was a lockdown, so people connected through Tiktok, but in 2023 in court, TikTok is to get banned for “encouraging dangerous acts and activities” the CEO of Tik Tok Shou Zi Chew claimed that TikTok try its best to monitor all posts and activities posted and that Tiktok doesn’t promote or allow any dangerous acts or activities, TikTok is just a social media posting platform that everyone follows their own trends and creations.

Tiktok has around 2 Billion users that claims Tiktok is a good app that shouldn’t be banned because Tiktok is just like every other social media app where people post on their free will just like Instagram and Snapchat, Tiktok just monitors like every other social media app, not only that, Tiktok teaches people good things in life and can even teach more than what school would teach them, Tiktok helps people explore and learn new things about themselves and where to go in life, TikTok has a huge supportive understanding community that helps, and let’s everyone connect together.

Many small businesses bloomed from Tiktok and without Tiktok, some people can’t afford to make a living, since some people create content to make money on TikTok. The app TikTok is to be banned from downloading and Congress is trying to get rid of it on all devices, but many Tiktok users are trying to find other ways to connect or transfer to another similar app to keep the Tiktok community going, it is also said to use a VPN to prevent Tiktok from being wiped on devices. The TikTok community shows no sign of stopping and will do anything to keep the app or make another app just like Tiktok, as the community is searching for “backups”. Would this lead to something bigger than we think?