Biden administration says fentanyl-xylazine cocktail is a deadly and causing a lot of overdoses


Olivia Yang, Journalism Student

In a recent NRP news article President Biden stated that the Fentanly xylazine cocktail is deadly, and many Americans have died from overdose because of this cocktail. The government said that the deaths of this adding on the overdose rates were alarming and Dr. Rahul Gupta, head of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy said that this was a worrying situation saying that he didn’t know “what this threat means for the nation”.

This drug in the cocktail is known for being a tranquilizer for animals and on the street this drug is called tranq. Tranq is an illicit drug, an addictive and illegal substance like heroin, cocaine, and meth.

What can Tranq do to a human? This drug can cause drowsiness, amnesia, slow breathing, lowered heart rate, and dangerously low blood pressure. This deadly drink was first linked to drug deaths in the Northeast but has since spread rapidly in Southern and Western states, according to NPR news. Public health experts say frequent xylazine users also suffer terrible wounds when they inject the drug. “People are often ending up having to have amputations of their limbs, or having deep ulcers, infections or sepsis,” Gupta said, from the head of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Because of this drug the s Biden declared he will consider further regulations for xylazine, which is used legally by veterinarians as an animal tranquilizer.” From NPR, Mr Gupta also said “it may also make sense for Congress to increase criminal penalties, as police try to crack down on dealers and gangs adulterating street drugs with xylazine.”