A Closer Look in to Gao Yangs Senior Year

A Closer Look in to Gao Yangs Senior Year

Thao Vang, Journalsim Student

Gao Yang (Kaocheneng Yang) a productive senior here at North High School, a hobby you might ask? Photography? Nursing? Here we will step in to have a closer look at Gao Yang.

As you know, you have a page of photography on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Gaophotograhy/ GO LIKE her page you all! What is the motive for you to make this page?
“I’ve always loved photography when i was first introduced to it, photography brings a lot out of me and i made the page on facebook for other people to see my work for me.”


Now that the school is almost at the end of the first trimester, how would you view your senior year so far?
“Now that we are almost done with first trimester, senior year is going great matter-of-fact I have been applying to multiple colleges.”


What would be your plans if you were not to pursue photography?
“If I do not pursue {photography} I will head towards the nursing field.”


Many would plan to go to college right after High School, or take a year off and think of what they wasn’t to do after the High School. What are your plans right after graduation?
“My plans for right after graduation will be finding myself a job and being settled with a college and getting materials ready to go into college.”


Hopefully this was able to help you understand who Gao Yang is a little better than what you would have known.




Here are a few of her works!