North High Introduces AP Art Courses!


Victoria Haukaas with one of her AP Art projects!

Evelyn Baxton

With the start of a new school year at North High comes the start of a new program, AP Art!

Over the summer, the teachers of North’s art department spent lots of time preparing for their incoming AP Studio Art Drawing, AP Studio Art 2D and AP Studio Art 3D students. In order to prepare, the teachers took a course at Carleton College about AP training.

Photography and video production teacher, Ms. Mandel, praises the program. “I think it’s an amazing opportunity for students to earn AP credits. We have a large art community at North and it’s exciting that students now have a new opportunity to further their skills.”

More than just pumping out pieces to earn credits, Mandel feels it is a good educational and moral experience as well.

“I think art is extremely important for everyone, not just those who want to pursue it as a career. Art helps you be creative, expressive, and teaches you how to problem solve in non-traditional ways. We need students to be able to creatively problem solve and this course will provide that as well as an enriching experience in the arts.”

Senior Victoria Haukaas finds AP art to be the perfect opportunity for her, wanting to continue getting art education in high school before she goes off to study art in college! When asked about aspirations for the course, she said, “I’m looking forward to gaining technical skills in art, and being able to further my arts in school before the college level.”

In the future, Haukaas hopes to become a tattoo artist and is enthusiastic about her AP class helping her reach her goal. When asked why she’d recommend the course, Haukaas stated, “It gives you a chance to challenge yourself! A challenge you need to follow art as a profession. You’ll have deadlines and will need to get quick.”

Overall, the program has been received positively and is looking to be a great new addition to North High!                                       

Haukaas raves, “AP Art is important to have, because art isn’t something always taken seriously academic by schools. In reality, plenty of students go to college for art and deserve the same opportunity to get a head start!”