North Alumni Participate in NHS Career Week

North Alumni Participate in NHS Career Week

Several North High Alumni returned to the school last week to participate in Career Week. It was great to see the various successes that North graduates have achieved. We interviewed the alumni to get some advice and ideas about finding a career path. Presented below are the questions we asked, along with condensed answers from each participant. As you can see, there are so many different pathways that can lead to so many kinds of careers – and all those paths started at North!

Interviewees included Shelby Anderson, Staff Sergeant Quick, Jessica Dawson, Dave Moran, and Neil Cooper.

What career path are you working in?

Anderson: Graphic Design and Photography
Rademacher: Working as a Director of Business Development
Cooper: Construction
Moran: Education, specifically electronics, robotics, and vocational technical classes.
Dawson: Anderson Corporation, Quality Coach
Quick: United States Army: Special Forces, Reconnaissance, Sniper, Rangers

When did you decide to follow this career path?

Anderson: She began her career taking photography classes at North High, which led to an internship at a photography studio.
Rademacher: He switched careers after working as an architect for 20 years to become the Business Director at MG McGrath.
Cooper: He became interested in this career at the end of his senior year in highschool. He didn’t know what to do before that.
Moran: He was very interested in creating and designing new technology, construction and engineering electronics. There was a high demand for tech teachers and developers when he started college.
Dawson: She had family working at Anderson Corp and wanted to join the team.
Quick: He always knew he wanted to join the military

What classes did you take in high school that helped you prepare for your career?

Anderson: Photography
Rademacher: Drafting
Cooper: Worked with wood, took shooting classes, was good at math
Moran: Electronics
Dawson: No specific classes
Quick: Participated in AFJROTC while at North

What did you do after high school to prepare for your career?

Anderson: She went to Concordia St. Paul for Graphic Design, and spent her time networking at industry events and participating in local graphic design competitions
Rademacher: He is a licensed architect and has a BA in Architecture from the University of Minnesota, as well as a Master of Architecture Degree from Parsons School of Design.
Cooper: He went to college for 2 weeks but didn’t want to stay, so he went into the workforce after that.
Moran: He attended Valley City State University in North Dakota and obtained his BS in Technology Education in 2000.
Dawson: She learned on the job, developed skills and knowledge while working.
Quick: He enlisted in the army.

Were there any people (teachers, coaches or other adults) that helped you choose your career?

Anderson: Ms. Mandel encouraged her and helped her start her photography career
Rademacher: He decided to become an architect when he was in 8th grade.
Cooper: There were several people who gave him the skills and values that he needed for this career.
Moran: Mr. Wallert, Mr. Zupko, and Mr. Kihn all encouraged and supported his tech interests.
Quick: Mr. Dan Larson and Mr. Wallert helped him stay in school and keep pursuing his interests

What advice do you have for a high school student that is interested in the same career?

Anderson: Network early, photograph everything, keep a portfolio, and make your own business cards.
Rademacher: Go to college!
Cooper: Participate in the ACE Mentor program and work a job in construction during high school to see if you like it. It’s okay for seniors to not know what to do after high school, but you should not just go to college without a plan.
Moran: Try to find your passion early and make sure there are jobs available.
Dawson: Apply to lots of job opportunities and see what is out there.
Quick: Be yourself! If you pick something, stick with it but don’t waste your time. Ask questions when you don’t know what to do. If you stick with it, it could be really fun in the end.