Host an Exchange Student With Education First

The EF Exchange Year program is looking for host families in our community.


Lorena Freier, Staff Reporter

Are you interested in learning about other cultures without traveling by yourself?
Do you have a free bed or a place on your table that is empty?
Would you like to open your home and community to someone from a different part of the world and help them experience a new culture and traditions?

Through EF Exchange Year you can host an exchange student from one of a number of countries for a full school year or a half year.

Why host?

Hosting an exchange student can have numerous benefits for you and your family. “We have experienced first-hand the benefits of hosting exchange students had on us, our children, the school, the friends our exchange students have made, and for the students themselves.” said Marcus Ebenhoch, local IECs (International Exchange Coordinators).

What are the benefits of hosting? 

Learning about a different culture and connecting directly with a teenager and their family in a different part of the world.

Making new lifelong friends and having the ability to visit them in their home country.

Opening your home and community to someone from a different part of the world and helping them experience a new culture and traditions.

Basically shrinking the globe through building stronger understanding between two different countries and cultures!

Who will support you and your student throughout the year?

EF Exchange Year offers families and the student full support throughout the application and matching process, and then throughout the entire time the student is here. Your first line of support is your local International Exchange Coordinators (IECs), who are more than happy to help and support you and your student through a year full of adventures.

What responsibilities do you have as a host family?

You are just simply required to be able to provide daily meals and snacks for the student, have spare room or bed for them to sleep, and provide them with reasonable transportation to and from school and school-related activities.

How can you get started?

If you are interested in hosting a foreign exchange student. you can visit the EF Exchange Year website at, or connect directly with Marcus and Tara Ebenhoch, Local IECs at to learn more about hosting and the process to host a student. “We are more than happy to answer questions you have and support you through the entire process!”