Is closed lunch too restrictive?


Aaron Byrd, Staff Reporter

Since the previous year, North High School has been going through significant changes such as expanding the school, gender-neutral bathrooms, and even ending open lunch. Last school year North junior and senior attendants had the option to leave the school premises for lunch. Students would often use this to go get food from outside the school cafeteria or just to walk around and have a short break. The new closed lunch rule restricts this. 

Most students aren’t fans of this new rule, including Jayshawn Willims. Jayshawn is a senior who participated in North Highlights interview on how he feels about closed lunch, stating that he thinks it is controlling and unnecessary. “As someone who would often leave with friends and eat outside the cafeteria last year, I think it’s controlling that I am no longer able to leave for lunch and go eat elsewhere as a senior” he argues. 

During his North Highlights interview, Jayshawn also brings up the problem of the overcrowded lunchroom with cramped lines and full tables. “It’s difficult to get my lunch and eat with being cramped in overcrowded lines and maneuvering through wandering kids looking for an open table,” he says. Closed lunch isn’t the only change made to the cafeteria, North also opened a separate snack shop in the lunch room for students to pay for other things other than regular school lunch.

Although students would prefer open lunch they have adjusted to a non-open lunch and a more populated cafeteria still brings the question, will there ever be open lunch again?