North Cross Country coach helps save fairgoers from downpour

David Terry, Cross Country coach at North High School, acted quickly to help fairgoers stay dry during a storm.


Staff Reports

On Saturday, August 27th, a sudden storm overwhelmed State Fair attendees with heavy rain, lightning, and flooding. One of those fairgoers was North High School Cross Country coach David Terry, who jumped to action to help secure a canopy that threatened to blow away in the high winds.

Terry is an avid fairgoer, and after his heroics, he was interviewed by the Pioneer Press news to share his experience. Terry is quoted as saying that the fair is his “Twelve days of Christmas,” and he attends every day, every year. And it’s a good thing too – without Terry’s help, a canopy sheltering several people would have blown away. He was able to keep the canopy down with the help of another man. They kept the canopy together for about 15 minutes before the storm passed.

Terry explained that part of being a coach is teaching kids character, and he knew that he had the “walk the walk” by helping out when and where he could. He hopes his experience will show kids that there are always chances to help, and they should take those chances.