Geckos: inch by inch


Samantha Rucci, Staff Reporter

Who are these young friends taking over the hearts of the school? With the new year, we have new school pets, and they appear to have made quite the impact. 

Starting off with Fiona, a year old leopard gecko. Fiona, a student suggested name, fits with her story. Many students recommended that Dalton Pieske, new English and AVID teacher, get one, one student even supplying her tank that she lives her life in. Fiona, being a blood-morph gecko, has a beautiful sunset colored scales, and has beautiful charcoal eyes. 

Fiona started off her life at Twin Cities Reptiles, where she was then adopted by Pieske. Pieske then moved her to his home, where she lived for a few weeks. Once moved to the classroom, she was clearly a favorite with the students. Lizzy Blakey, a senior at North, is enrolled in Pieske’s AVID class, once stated, “She’s very cute.” Pieske himself as described Fiona as “a fair bit sassy, yet sometimes chill, but mostly fierce.” 

Stripes, a 15 year old classic leopard gecko, is a slower, older man. He’s known for being the most relaxed and chill out of all the geckos. He was first a pet to Murphy’s son, who when he moved out, didn’t wish to take him. He was then moved to the classroom and became a classroom pet.

Stripes lives in chemistry teacher Jody Murphy’s classroom, where he has a nice enclosure in the chemistry room and gets to learn science. A past student of Murphy once was curious on what Stripes looked like up close, so he pulled out a microscope and put him under it. Even living geckos aren’t safe from science.

Lastly, Smalls, a four and a half year old classic leopard gecko, lives with his brother in the same room, yet a different enclosure. Smalls was acquired after Murphy wrote a paper for a grant about pets in the classroom, and how they affect the students. Smalls was a class pet from the start, as once Stripes was put in the classroom, Murphy’s first students fell tail over claws for him.

Leopard geckos are simple and happy creatures that help the focus of some students, but most of all are a nice break from school every once in a while.