Friendship Story


Araceli Serrano, Journalism Student

What is friendship? Julie Martinez  sums it up like this: “Friendship is two humans being there for one another.” I want to address a background story between me and Martinez, we had been friends since 7th grade, up to Senior year. We both had different experiences on how we met each other, in 7th grade. So, I asked Martinez to share her own part of the story on how we got to know each other, and how we came about to being best friends.

Julie had stated that “I had multiple people come up to me and tell me some girl named Araceli Serrano was saying stuff about me. That she didn’t like me. All I thought about was, how? We were both new to this middle school, and she didn’t know me. I didn’t even know what she looked liked.” It’s crazy how on my part of my story was so much differently than hers. I heard from others that she was the one who was speaking poorly of me. But it’s crazy how middle school arguments com about and why.

I ended up messaging her that year, of 7th grade year just to put everything to aside and figure things out. Since being the 7th grader I was, I really wanted friends and I thought she was nice and heard great things about her. “That summer of 7th grade year, we started hanging out way more and had to much fun” Martinez said.

Speed forward to senior year and we’re still super close friends. I always considered Martinez my best friend and still do. We’ve had our ups and downs just like any friendship or relationship would, but we made it past all the hardships of it. And now, Martinez and I like to believe our friendship is stronger than it was before.