Polar Buddies


Alivia Lindorfer, Journalism Student

Polar Buddies is a volunteer opportunity at North after school every other Tuesday. It is an opportunity to interact with special needs students while participating in games, projects and more!

Becca Larson got introduced to Polar Buddies through her friend Hayley Pederson who runs Polar Buddies. She got involved because its super fun and she loves spending time with the students. Over the summer Becca volunteered in a similar activity at an over night camp called, “Young Life Castaway Club Capernaum.” At this camp she spent a weekended as a coulsor cousnling kids with special needs why enjoying the outdoors and building relationships and skills within them.

Hayley Pederson is heavily involved with the SPED department at North. The SPED department is resources fit to a child’s needs at school. She works with Lisa Musikanis in the multiple needs room and also one on one or in groups with students on social skills. She says it is important to help these students learn social skills. Usually this involves playing a game with them or doing a puzzle. Hayley also said that she thinks students with special needs are forgotten by our student body. Participating in Polar buddies is a good way to show that students are known by other students. Acknowledging this goes a long way.

Polar Buddies takes place after school every other Tuesday in room 228 from 2:45-4:oopm. You can contact the office or Hayley Pederson if you have interest in joining!