Open Lunch at North?


Katie Suckow, Journalism Student

            At the moment North High School has a closed lunch. This means that all students must eat lunch in the cafeteria and isn’t aloud to leave the building or be anywhere else other than the cafeteria. Open lunch is when student could be aloud to leave the building and come back for classes. Lunches at North high school has 4 lines for lunch and usually two lines serve the same meal.

Alexis Hernandez is a sophomore at North high school and says that she would like “More choices” during the school lunch. Open lunch would open up more opportunities to get the food that students are craving. Another anonymous student at North high school says that only one of the lunches (categorized as A) is “crowded”.

Having an open lunch will give students at North high school the opportunity to get a time away from the crowd and be able to find a variety of food to please their cravings. Some problems that occur with having an open lunch according to an anonymous sophomore at North high school could be “safety issues” and “kids being late to classes” after lunch. If students at North go out to get lunch and a line at the restaurant they are at could have a long line causing the student to be late to their next class. Of course this could be prevented if the student went to a different place to get food.

In the real world in you have a job you usually get a lunch break. Having an open lunch in high school can prepare you for a lunch break at work later in life. When you have a lunch break for work you usually have a certain amount of time. This could be replicated in high school because students would then have a time frame for lunch. Some students like Alexis Hernandez think open lunch would be a good idea just like the anonymous sophomore also said. Teachers and staff at North may have a different perspective and opinion on it.